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From Hotwife to Porn Slut

When I became a hotwife having sex with other men with my husbands permission I never imagined I would be putting out for total strangers for the sole purpose of porn.  How things change. LOL

DFW knight was my first delve into the official porn world and man did I ever fall into a hole that I don’t want to get out of.  I showed up at his hotel a woman that has let other men fuck me and left as another woman who still loves sex but now even more.  A woman who is now making porn for you.  He fucked me so good and fed me so much cock that there was no way I could be the same woman.

He let me wear a mask so I would feel more secure and now it’s my signature that makes me be able to do whatever I want for you.  Without it I would be way more shy and reserved.

I now love porn mainly because I now understand that it’s okay to love sex and to share it.  Just let me fuck in front of a camera and let the magic happen.  Again and again and…

The Bartering Begins

We have a guy friend which is actually the guy who gave me my very first happy ending massage.  I didn’t know he would become an actual friend.  I just figured the guys who I was letting fuck me would be an occasional fling for us.

Jeff just happens to be a good handyman.  He also happens to be married to another woman but I’ll mention that in a minute. Jeff has helped hubby put a roof on the back patio, he has helped with our cars and done some other stuff around the house.  Our handyman hasn’t ever asked that we make him any payments either.

Maybe I need to change that just a little.  Jeff hasn’t let us make any financial payments to him.  No, we just barter for his services, well I do that is.  The deal was made all in the spirit of fun that I would pay for his services with my body!  That’s right, I am paying for things to be done by sexually servicing him.  I have given him head and spread my legs for him on many occasions either before some work or right afterwards.

My husband has actually came home on more than one occasion to the sounds of my moans coming from his bedroom.  The sounds of skin slapping skin could be heard from the garage before hubby even came through the door.  Jeff comes over by invitation by me so that I can make those payments to Jeff.

Don’t feel bad for us.  He has permission from hubby to come collect payment at any time and actually prefers to “catch us” in the act of sex.

He loves sneaking into the house and hearing his wife screaming in pleasure as another man pounds her pussy full of his cock.  Most of the time he will stay hidden until my pussy is overflowing with Jeff’s sperm as I never have asked him to use a condom, I always prefer bareback.

As far as the married man part goes?  Yes I know he’s married and for some perverted reason I can’t figure out why I don’t have a problem with it.  Maybe it’s because I know how good his mouth feels and how much he loves to eat my pussy and 69 me.

I probably have make payment to everything he has done but you can never be too sure so be assured, I will be spreading my happy thighs for quite some time.  I mean I don’t want to short change the man do I;)

Bareback Or Condom

The question is should I be using condoms with all these men?  Hubby and I actually talked about it and he let me decide if I want the guys to use one or not.  We’ve made a few rules and the condom rule is this,  if I want to feel him 100% then I can go bareback.

I figure that if I’m going to commit to taking other men’s cocks inside of my married pussy then why would I not want to feel it completely.  I’m talking about feeling every ridge, every vein and contour of his manhood.  I love sex so much now that why would I cover such a beautiful feeling with a condom.

That’s just me and yes some guys have opted for a condom and that is just fine of course.  If I want their cum then they can pull out and shoot on my ass or I can just swallow it down;)

Give Me More Pleeeeze

I am out of control.  Who knew sex could be so freakin hot and passionate.  Yes it’s hot with hubby but c’mon that’s married sex. 😆 Having single men vying for my time to have sex with me is still new to me.  It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been fucking guys.  I actually hope that it never gets “normal” as my husband says.

I have been feeling sexy too.  I never felt this way before.  I think women never really think they are as attractive or sexy as others say they are.  Maybe that’s why women have affairs.  I mean if a guy keeps telling a girl how good she looks or how sexy she is and a guy starts to really take notice then I would certainly try to look my best for him.

I’m sure that is how an affair starts off.  Sure glad my husband has always told me I’m sexy, I just never believed it until now.

I feel more confident also and self assured.  People make girls feel bad if they dress sexy (that was me) or want to be desired.  We start feeling like a slut (negative) and feel unworthy.   Screw that.  I’m sexy and my husband has convinced me that I should feel sexy and alluring.


I Can’t Get Enough

I just can’t believe this!!  SEX SEX SEX.  Every weekend it seems like I’m getting laid by another guy.  I feel like such a slut but I can’t stop!  I absolutely love being me;)).

This ride is absolutely amazing and the feeling that I have been getting is truly orgasmic. I should be on the cock of the week club quite honestly:)))

I have met some really great guys who have treated me with respect completely.  It helps that my husband is always with me to protect me.

Omg the cocks though!  I never knew how many sizes a man’s penis came in. 😆 My husband has an average to above average cock but the one’s I’m taking inside of me are huge.  I do feel a little guilty on a regular basis after a guy fucks me.  I don’t think I should be acting with such enthusiasm . ☺️

Get this…I’ve had threesomes and multiple men taking turns fucking me and I’m hooked.

My husband says it’s all part of the journey and that he wants me to enjoy myself and to not worry because this lifestyle is all about me getting pleasure.  He says if he wanted me to have regular, normal sex then we can just go home and do it ourselves .  😂