I Can’t Get Enough

I just can’t believe this!!  SEX SEX SEX.  Every weekend it seems like I’m getting laid by another guy.  I feel like such a slut but I can’t stop!  I absolutely love being me;)).

This ride is absolutely amazing and the feeling that I have been getting is truly orgasmic. I should be on the cock of the week club quite honestly:)))

I have met some really great guys who have treated me with respect completely.  It helps that my husband is always with me to protect me.

Omg the cocks though!  I never knew how many sizes a man’s penis came in. 😆 My husband has an average to above average cock but the one’s I’m taking inside of me are huge.  I do feel a little guilty on a regular basis after a guy fucks me.  I don’t think I should be acting with such enthusiasm . ☺️

Get this…I’ve had threesomes and multiple men taking turns fucking me and I’m hooked.

My husband says it’s all part of the journey and that he wants me to enjoy myself and to not worry because this lifestyle is all about me getting pleasure.  He says if he wanted me to have regular, normal sex then we can just go home and do it ourselves .  😂