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Good Bye 2020

Another year has come and thankfully gone.  2020 wasn’t all bad, at least not for me. My heart goes out to those who lost someone to the notorious Covid.

Looking back at the year I had hopes of being fucked by many more men than I did and getting more comfortable with women;)  I went to one particular party in 2020 where I was rocked by a woman who knew how to eat another girl, me. WOW! I sucked my first pair of breasts in Payton Hall who has become a good friend and hot sex partner.

For you who like to keep tally like my husband does. I was penetrated and fucked by a total of 13 strangers who took me to bed.  Most of them banged me inside of an hour of meeting me. I’m not a sure thing but pretty close;)

I had extramarital sex with 23 people including 2 very sexy ladies challenging my bi side.

I had around 37 extramarital sex experiences considering a few of the guys fucked me a few times;)

I know that sounds like a lot but it wasn’t even close to what I was wanting and what I did in 2019.  I was a much dirtier slut then.

Thank you to the guys who stuck with me and to the guys who chat with me consistently.

I plan on getting nasty this year with many more fuck buddies, taking many more cum creampies in my pussy and down my throat.

Hot Tub Sex

Hey there guys.  I’m convinced everybody should have sex in a hot tub.  Just the thought of being so turned on while in a hot tub while another man touches my body under the bubbles from the jets turns me on even more.  I actually never thought much of the idea until I actually did it.  Come to think of it, I’ve never even been felt up in one either:(

This past Friday night my husband and I were going to drive a good hour just to meet another man, potentially my 131st sex partner.  It’s not the number that counts btw, that’s my husband’s count;)

So we got to the meeting place and met R.  He was pretty nice and very talkative.  I do like a man who can carry on a conversation. About an hour later, we were following him to his home.  The home where he was planning on getting very naughty with me and me with him.

Let’s just skip right to it.  The first thing we did was get naked and jump into his hot tub outside next to his pool.  We had some pretty good privacy so I didn’t feel like the neighbors were watching while I dropped my towel for the world to see.  A few minutes later, we were making out like teenagers in heat with his hands touching me everywhere.  We were only in it for about 15 min before we had to get out.  He wanted to take me inside to fuck me and that’s exactly what we did.

After we fucked for quite some time and rested, he suggested to hit the hot tub again.  This time we went for it fully.  I found out that it’s a little rough getting a rubber covered cock pushed inside of a water wet pussy but we persisted until success!  I was sitting on top of him while facing away while he pulled my hips down onto him again and again.  It was intoxicating to say the least.  Unfortunately we stopped to switch positions and couldn’t get his cock inside me again:((.

I think the combination of the prior sex and the heat from the hot tub made it hard, or not hard for him to continue.

No worries though.  We got out, went to the nice comfy bench on the patio where he took me from behind nice and hard.  He still couldn’t cum so I turned around and sucked him off until he had no choice except to shoot his load inside my mouth, it was a huge load still!

As you should know by now, yes of course I swallowed it all and no I didn’t miss a single drop.

Monogamous Vs. Promiscuous

Monogamous Vs. Promiscuous

It’s always touted that a married couple should always be a monogamous couple for them to be  happily married. That sex between married couples should always be the way to go.  It’s taught that if a husband or wife was to stray into the arms of another man or woman, it would be taboo and considered the most painful betrayal a couple could experience.

But, what if we were not thinking correctly? What if those ideas, good as they sound, were outdated?  What if the husband or wife of the couple in question, likes the idea of sex outside of marriage, not for them but for their spouse?  What if, watching the wife getting ravished by another man was what they both fantasized about (eventually) and was what brought them together again after years of being happily married.  What if, being promiscuous was, in fact, what brought them both the most pleasure.  Would it be right then?  Or still wrong?

I’ll just leave this here and let you decide, because in the end, you are your own judge and should never listen to what “they think.”

College Meet Up

I can’t believe what I did Saturday.  I agreed to meet a college student for sex!  He was not only good looking, he had a nice body to go with the looks!  And his cock!!! Oh my goodness.  My hand barely fit around it & it stretched my pussy quite nicely.

Hubby, K & I met at a park near his place. (Quicker to get to if we clicked)  When I first saw him my jaw dropped.  His body was very fit.  We walked around a bit getting to know each other & we clicked.  So, off to his place we went.  We got in our truck, K & I in the backseat to get warmed up.

He slid my skirt up & started playing with my pussy.  Oh that felt good!  He then pulled my camisole down & started licking my nipples.  That really got my juices flowing.

I pulled his pants down a bit & took out his hard cock.  I immediately went down & started sucking him.  Unfortunately I had to stop when we got to his place.  Once inside we sat and talked for a few minutes.  Then we sat on his couch and kissed, He was a good kisser.   I finally was able to get his cock in my mouth but not for long.  I wanted to get to the bed.

In the bedroom we made out some more and finally he had me bend over doggy style so he could penetrate me for the first time.  Oooooh that felt good.  He pounded me pretty good for a while until he asked where I wanted his cum.  I definitely wanted his first load ever to be inside me so he did.  That was round 1, round 2 was just as hot.



Date Night

All week I was anticipating Friday night.  Hubby & a FWB (Brad) were planning a date night with me.  We were going to a movie & then to Brad’s place afterwards.  I knew that during the movie some playing wias going happen.

Friday finally came & I was horny!  I wore a skirt as requested & no panties along with a low cut shirt with no bra.  We had seats in the very back of the theater where hopefully we would have more privacy.  I, of course, sat between hubby & Brad.  Before the movie even started they were touching my thighs & working their way up. I was hoping to watch the movie but was in doubt at how fast they were moving.

By the time the movie was halfway through, hubby was rubbing my nipples through my shirt causing them to harden to the point of being uncomfortable.   Brad, had slowly been working his way up my thighs and had finally reached my pussy.  His fingers found their way inside of me and i must have been extremely wet since he was able to push right inside of me.  It was really hard being quiet!

As soon as the movie ended, we booked it to the truck.  I couldn’t wait to get Brad undressed & suck his cock.  Well, I didn’t wait.  I sat in the back with him as hubby drove to his place and I’m sure he could hear my sucking sounds as he drove.  When we got to his house, we quickly went to his room where he undressed me.  He then blindfolded me, bent me over the side of the bed & proceeded to spank me with his paddle.  I had expected him to shove his cock inside me but I was going to have to wait a little longer.  I eventually worked my way to my knees to continue what I started in the backseat.  I’m always amazed at how big his cock is, I can never even get my fingers around it much less stuff it into my small mouth.

He had enough of that & finally put me on his bed where we got in the 69 position.  His tongue felt sooo good on my pussy.  The way he licks it & hums when he’s eating me out feels amazing!

Hubby was watching all this happen & decided it was time for him to join in.  He got to the side of me so I could suck him while Brad was licking my pussy.  I love having 2 guys at one time!

Brad decided it was time for his cock to find its way into my pussy.  Oh, that first entrance!  I was on my hands & knees with Brad behind me & hubby in front.  Having one guy inside my pussy & one in my mouth is such a turn on!  After a while, hubby pulled out so he could watch me getting pounded good and hard.

We would switch positions about every 5 minutes giving the nerves in my pussy a different feel. This time I was on my side while he straddled my lower leg and penetrated me once again.  Once in this position, it doesn’t take him long to cum inside me but this time he was able to hold off for quite some time bringing me to multiple orgasms.  When he did finally get off, he gave me a huge load of cum.  I could feel it dripping out of my pussy.

That was a very good way to end the work week!  When Hubby & I got home, I jumped in the shower & got all cleaned up so we could have our reclaim sex.  What a night!!!