College Meet Up

I can’t believe what I did Saturday.  I agreed to meet a college student for sex!  He was not only good looking, he had a nice body to go with the looks!  And his cock!!! Oh my goodness.  My hand barely fit around it & it stretched my pussy quite nicely.

Hubby, K & I met at a park near his place. (Quicker to get to if we clicked)  When I first saw him my jaw dropped.  His body was very fit.  We walked around a bit getting to know each other & we clicked.  So, off to his place we went.  We got in our truck, K & I in the backseat to get warmed up.

He slid my skirt up & started playing with my pussy.  Oh that felt good!  He then pulled my camisole down & started licking my nipples.  That really got my juices flowing.

I pulled his pants down a bit & took out his hard cock.  I immediately went down & started sucking him.  Unfortunately I had to stop when we got to his place.  Once inside we sat and talked for a few minutes.  Then we sat on his couch and kissed, He was a good kisser.   I finally was able to get his cock in my mouth but not for long.  I wanted to get to the bed.

In the bedroom we made out some more and finally he had me bend over doggy style so he could penetrate me for the first time.  Oooooh that felt good.  He pounded me pretty good for a while until he asked where I wanted his cum.  I definitely wanted his first load ever to be inside me so he did.  That was round 1, round 2 was just as hot.