Wife on Fire

Many women consider the word slut to be a derogatory term for a woman. The words stud and slut have basically the same meaning which can be defined in one word, promiscuous. The difference is, men get to wear stud as a badge of honor where us women are forced to wear the phrase slut in shame. I was one of those who frowned at promiscuous women. Well, with situations changing the way they have with my sex life, I have had a change of heart. I now wear the term as a badge of honor.

You will need to read the prior stories to catch yourself up. I was basically a virgin bride whose husband developed a voyeuristic kink. He saw in me what I couldn’t see. My husband saw me as a sexy woman who loved good, hard, dirty sex. I on the other hand, thought being the good, Christian woman with high moral standards, didn’t get caught up with the need for sex.

Never in my wildest dreams would I ever even considered being both. I was on my high horse and nothing was going to make me into a deviant for sex. Good girls didn’t fuck, they made love with their husbands so extra-marital sex was totally off the table.

Every two years my guard would fall and would allow myself to be seduced into another extramarital tryst. This time was no exception. Rick was the Assistant Manager to my husband. He was fresh out of the Marines and yes he was cute. The first time I saw him was when I went to have lunch with hubby at his work. Upon being introduced to Rick, I felt a slight tingle behind my bra. No, not between my legs, my nipple started to tingle and yes just one. Women stuff.

It wasn’t like I wanted to tear his clothes off and let him take me or anything, but I did notice him. Apparently my husband saw that I noticed and since he likes to take it slow with me he didn’t mention it. He didn’t have to actually because I grilled him on all the stats about Rick. I found out Rick had a thing for petite girls. His girlfriend who was petite like me but several years younger. Rick I think was around the age of 22 so his hormones were in full swing.

I guess Rick noticed me also when we met. Being right out of the Marines, he told my husband straight up, that he had a smoking hot wife. Rick kept asking questions about me, nothing brazen or anything, he was just curious. Hubby of course would feed the curiosity and soon enough turned it into a desire.

During the next several months, hubby would come home and tell me what Rick and him talked about. I got to the point where I was hungry for the information. As a woman, I always wanted to know why someone thought I was attractive so I could keep doing it. It’s different when your husband says you’re hot, that’s their duty, or it should be. It’s totally something else when another man says you’re attractive.

Conversations seemed to steer a lot around marriage and sex. He wanted to know how good sex was after so many years of being tied down. I guess when you’re single and just starting out, 10 years is a long time. The conversations got to the point where Rick knew pretty much everything about our sex life.

Rick would ask what positions I liked the best, how often we made love and was it becoming routine. He wanted to get married someday but would hear about how the sex gets boring after a while. Now my sex life was none of Rick’s business but the more he asked the more he was told, and the more he was told the more aroused I became.

More months passed and before I even knew it, the bedroom conversations were about Rick. I was being asked, “what if Rick came over” or “what if he left me alone with Rick and he came on to me.” I was getting aroused with the talk of another man having their way with me. I was liking it. Sex was always hot during these talks.

Then hubby told me that Rick knew that I have had extra-marital sex relations with other men. I was a little offended that he felt he could talk so casually with another guy and share our most intimate secrets. I honestly don’t even know if I was more worried that he would try to share me again or more scared that he wouldn’t.

At the time, I had stumbled across and was reading stories about sex and believe it or not was cyber sexting online with men. At first I was doing it with the suggestion of hubs for when we were home and in the mood for some kinky fun. I would chat with guys which in turn would get us both going and we would end up in bed fucking like rabbits.

For some unknown reason to even me, I started cybersexting  when hubby was working late. I would be at our desk at home having sexual conversations with strange men while touching myself.  At the time, even the joy of masturbation was taboo to me but I found myself touching my body a lot more that I ever had.

Hubby told me it was a huge turn on knowing what I was doing when he wasn’t home. Some guys I chatted with were very graphic and they would help get me off the most often. A lot of times after I orgasmed, I would shut the computer off in embarrassment at how hard I came. In my mind, I knew it was wrong but after a while I couldn’t help myself. The excitement of knowing that other men wanted to do to me drove me to do even more.

One night, hubby came home and told me that Rick would like to watch me cyber with men on the computer to see what it was all about. I thought why would he want to do that and what on earth would make me agree to doing it? Now I was really nervous. I didn’t want anybody to know that I did such things and I wasn’t the happiest woman to find out that another man knew what I did in the privacy of my own bedroom. One night he wanted to come home from work with Rick so he could see for himself what I do. For some strange reason I was turned on at the prospect of someone watching me and I guess my perverse sense of exhibitionism got to me for the very first time. I said yes with stipulations.

The rules were, under no circumstances would I have sex with Rick and there was to be no intimate touching. He could come in and watch me cyber but I would have my clothes on at all times. If by chance, I got turned on to the point where I felt comfortable enough, I would allow him to masturbate. Hubby argued that it wasn’t fair to let him jerk off without something to look at and a place for his cum so I agreed to letting him see my naked breasts and possibly cum on them. I told him, take it or leave it.

Can you believe how naive I still was? In my mind I was probably one of the easiest seductions out there and I actually thought I could just sit back, cyber sex with strange men while a hot guy that knew my sordid background sat there and watched me play with myself. I must have been insane to believe I could behave like a puritan under those circumstances.

My husband looked at me as if I went over the deep end but agreed to my terms. He knew that there was no way I would be happy with my own scenario. I felt it was “safe” to let him come over since he had a girlfriend because I surely wouldn’t allow a guy to use me to cheat. Even with the fact that he was taken, I did finally give in to one concession. I figured just in case I wasn’t strong enough to hold back, I could maybe use my mouth on Rick’s cock until he was ready to cum, then he could finish on my tits. Apparently to me, oral sex with a topless woman wasn’t cheating?

The fateful day finally came on a Saturday night after work. Hubby followed him to his place so he could take a quick shower before he came over. Around 9pm I was at my computer chatting with some guys and was already turned on from the sex talk of men wanting to shove their cocks inside my pussy. I had already helped a few guys cum while we chatted as I had my hand down my jeans between typing. And I wasn’t going to let Rick touch me? That’s a laugh!

A half hour before Rick was supposedly going to drop by, I started getting really nervous and felt I might have a panic attack. What was I thinking? Was I actually going to go through with this? Actually masturbate in front of another man? It wasn’t like he was coming over to watch how I make a recipe or anything normal. He was going to watch me while I got intimate with myself. It would have been better if they just came in and we talked about what I did but I knew that wasn’t what they wanted.

They wanted to see how far I would go, to see if I would have the guts to actually play around with the guys online while they were in the same room. After a while I even talked myself out of doing it. I had no intention of going through with the masturbation idea. But that was before they arrived. Funny how your mind and body can fight with each other and if history has taught me anything, it’s that my body always wins.

The sound of hubby’s car arrived but I could also heard another car pull in behind him. My heart started racing with excitement and nervousness especially since I was in the middle of chatting with a guy who wanted to do some really dirty things to me. Good thing I remembered to button my jeans so they didn’t realize what I had been up to while I waited for them. I was in a trance when they walked in and hubby told me I had a very lusty look in my eyes. My daze finally broke so and I shook myself out of my sexual haze so I could finally say hi.

After some small talk, I let Rick read some of what I was doing, how embarrassing. The guy was still giving me messages and I for some reason felt obligated to respond to him while Rick watched.  Something about needing him to shove his big cock balls deep inside my tight wet pussy was said while Rick watched. Rick asked me how turned on I was and if I had been masturbating before they arrived. I lied and told him I was fairly turned on and that I hadn’t masturbated.

I spoke with a matter of fact voice, not a voice that you hear from a girl who needed cock inside her. My “deal” was still in place so I played down my arousal the best I could but inside my jeans, my vagina was pulsating as blood rushed to my clit and my pussy lubricated itself. My body knew what was going to happen before I did. It didn’t help that the seam of my jeans between my legs was rubbing me just right.

Rick wanted to know if all the talk was turning me on and I told him yes. When he asked me to show him how I touched myself I couldn’t lift my eyes from the screen and my heart started racing faster. After only a short time I felt myself slowly unbuttoning my pants, eventually sliding my hand down to rub my pussy which I found to be extremely wet.

I was typing with one hand now and was getting more and more turned on. A few more things were said to the guy on the computer until I couldn’t focus anymore. My orgasm was coming fast without me even touching myself for very long and suddenly an earth shattering orgasm hit me right in front of Rick, my legs shot out, I threw my head back and let out a squeal that told the guys that they were going to win and win big. There was nothing I could do but ride it out until I came down. That was the first time I had ever masturbated with another guy watching besides my husband. At the time, I didn’t even feel comfortable doing it in front of him. That’s why I did it when he was at work.

Rick couldn’t believe how strong my orgasm looked and told me how hot I was to do it for him. I was mortified at what I had just done and aroused at the same time. My clitoris was pulsating and there was no way it was going to come down anytime soon. I guess being watched was a thing for me? They told me to tell the guy what I had just done, that I just came with the two guys watching. Hubby then directed me to also tell the guy what happens if anything does. I could barely move much less type but I did my best to act like it was no big deal, then I froze.

I felt a hand on my shoulder gently touch me. At first it was hubby’s hands massaging me, then I felt the hands change and realized it was Rick. Emotions swept through me, mostly erotic confusion. Focus Kara, focus, is all I could think about. His hands softly slid down my arm with just his finger tips then up my arm, shoulder then neck. My head leaned back against his stomach as his hands went to the front of my throat, up my cheeks and around, down to my shoulders again, hubby told me to type so I told the stranger that I had someone’s hands touching me.

C’mon Kara focus…No sex…

My nipples were tingling and my clit was throbbing from the recent orgasm as Rick turned my body to full erotic mode. I felt a strong surge in my loins as I felt his breath on my neck then again his hand reached around my throat grabbing me firmly, holding me until I felt his lips on my neck kissing me lightly and gently biting my skin before moving to my cheek. The man asked what he was doing now and I was barely able to tell him my husband’s co-worker was kissing my neck. The computer then blared at me.

“Are you going to let him fuck you?”

I didn’t say a word, I couldn’t. I just stared at the computer while Rick remained attached to my neck sucking, marking me so I would remember him the next morning when I looked into the mirror. My husband started kissing the other side of my neck at the same time. Completely unfair! I had two men nibbling on me as I turned to jelly. Finally I had the strength to type one last thing.

“I have to go.”

I pushed the keyboard away and closed my eyes while I heard my husband’s voice.

“Kiss him.”

My mouth was already open from my heavy breathing as Rick touched his fingers to my chin. He turned my head towards him and our lips touched for the first time. His mouth slowly devoured mine as a jolt went through my body hitting my clit dead center then traveling to my nipples making them so hard they hurt.

Oh god I’m losing this! My hands just lied there at my sides unable to move as Rick made out with this married woman who was losing the battle of fidelity.

I then felt a hand on my breast and no longer cared who’s hand it was. I don’t know how or who did it but I do remember that my shirt and bra were gone and I had two pairs of lips and two tongues on both nipples sending me to another world. Every lick went straight to my clit as if attached at the nerves.

I was still sitting in the chair facing the computer. My legs were grinding together as little moans escaped my lips. I heard a shuffling and suddenly felt something soft and smooth on my cheek. I knew what it was but kept my eyes closed as Rick lightly and slowly rubbed the spongy head over my cheek, chin, then to my lips.

Another moan escaped as I turned to his cock letting it trace my mouth as if he was rubbing lipstick onto me, but instead it was a slick moist fluid that coated my lips. I couldn’t help myself as my tongue automatically left my mouth licking the pre-cum like it was sweet nectar. Rick pushed forward past my lips and teeth. I cradled his cock with my tongue as he entered my mouth. I didn’t move, allowing him to push his cock into me and take it out again. In, out, my tongue cradling him, coating his cock with my saliva.

I don’t know how but I came to my senses enough to remember where I was, for at least a moment.

“I’ll suck you but you have to cum on my chest, that’s all, my pants stay on.”

“That’s fine” he said.

Of course he knew he was going to be inside me, they just let me play the game I wanted to play and let things happen as they did. Deep down I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. The cock that was in my mouth would soon be pushing inside my married pussy. I guess I didn’t want to look too eager or slutty. I didn’t want to let them know that they could have done anything to me at that moment and I would not have had the strength to resist nor the desire to do so.

Rick moved me to the bed and sat on the corner as I dropped to my knees in front of him in submission. His pants were barely down his legs while I stroked his cock and massaged his balls memorizing the look and feel. His pre-cum was still flowing out of his penis so I stuck my tongue out to lick the tip. I wasn’t fond of cum but in the heat of the moment I apparently will do pretty much anything.

Rick’s hand went to the back of my head and suddenly his cock was at the back of my throat. He didn’t push my head down his cock, just a little pressure to encourage me to go for it. He was on the small side so I was able to deep throat him each time I took him in. I licked up and down his shaft to his shaven balls which was the first time I ever felt smooth balls on my tongue. They had a very erotic feel to them so I made a mental note to mention it to hubby.

Just a blowjob, get a little cum on my tits from this younger guy and send him home happy. Uh huh… I was getting good at lying to myself. I never felt coerced into doing anything up to this point, in fact I knew I could have stopped it at any time. Rick already knew I had been with other men sexually and I knew him fairly well so I didn’t feel pressured in any way. I was just going to get some more oral experience. I also couldn’t be the cause of his arousal then just send him home for his girlfriend to take care of could I? No, he was my responsibility.

I was enjoying Rick’s cock in my mouth as I sucked him off. His balls were huge and I would later find out, full of cum. Swallowing was pretty gross to me back then so I had no intention of doing it now. Yes, I know that I’ve done it a few times before but that doesn’t mean I liked it. Rick encouraged me to use my tongue and lips. He told me how good my mouth felt, telling me to keep sucking. A man, practically a stranger was the first man to teach me how he liked to be pleased and I was going to do my best to satisfy him.

Rick was playing with my breasts and nipples driving me crazy with lust. Hubby of course told him how sensitive they were and how much touching them affected me. He pulled them and flicked my nipples until I was certain I was going to have a nipple orgasm. My husband friend then reached for my pants and I didn’t even resist when he got my jeans open as far as they could go pushing them down completely to get to my ass, unfortunately for him he couldn’t get very far with me kneeling before him.

Rick wanted to see more of my body and since I figured the more turned on he got, the quicker I got his cum on my tits, so without his cock leaving my mouth, I pushed my pants off my ass so he could get a good look. I slid them down to my knees, keeping my panties intact where they belonged. I sucked his cock like it was my last meal until he said he needed me to slow down because he was getting close to coming. Well, that was the whole point wasn’t it? I wanted a quickie but the feel of another man’s cock inside my mouth was really driving me to do more. He wanted to enjoy it as long as possible and had no intention of ending it so soon.

I almost felt a panic when Rick pulled me up making his cock pop out from between my sucking lips. Nothing was said as he lifted me to standing and kissed me fully on the lips again parting them with his tongue. We made out passionately for several minutes as he maneuvered his hands to my back, gently stroking my naked skin then eventually down to squeeze and fondle my ass. Rick sucked my tits for a while between playing tongue hockey and I felt his hand on my pussy through my soaking wet panties as my legs parted almost automatically.

He pushed my legs aside and went right for the entrance of my pussy, shoving two fingers into the folds making me almost collapse. My soon to be lover guided me onto the bed while his fingers pushed deeper into me. My jeans were pulled the rest of the way off until they dropped to the floor as Rick continued kissing me and moving my body to the center of my bed where he planned on keeping me. Pretty sure I had a few mini orgasms while he licked and sucked my nipples as his fingers swished around inside me. I was in another world while my body was touched and manipulated by a master.

I must have been a site to see, a married woman on her back yet again with another guy lying beside me, kissing me, playing with my breasts as his fingers were buried inside my married pussy. The guys I’m sure could hear the sloshing of my vagina as he brought me to multiple orgasms, making me practically wet the bed. Over and over again I would just say “yes, yes”, as I felt him put his weight down on top of me. He had removed his shirt but his pants were still just below his butt so I started pushing them lower so he could get to me. I was giving him full access to the inevitable.

I didn’t have a care in the world.  My body wanted this and so did my mind.  There was no way I could have resisted even if I wanted to, and let me make it perfectly clear, I did not want to resist anymore. My body was his to do as he pleased. He could have done anything and I would have gone along with it. If hubby had a problem, it was his fault for asking him over to watch me “masturbate.”

Rick and I continued our sexual frenzy with our hands caressing each other while our mouths exchanged saliva. We maneuvered our bodies into the right position for him to take me. My legs were spread wide waiting, my tits and neck had hickeys and my nipples were diamond hard. I heard myself tell him, “I need you inside me.” It wasn’t a want or a request. I needed his cock inside me fucking me. “Just give it to me already” I thought.

I reached for his cock between us, grabbing it and guiding him between my pussy lips. I coating the opening with his pre-cum that was flowing out of his cock head. Oh Lord he had a lot of pre-cum! My pussy gave no resistance as the head pushed the lips aside penetrating my most intimate passage. I felt my eyes roll into my head as my mouth dropped open.

At that moment I had an orgasm on Rick’s cock, not just any cum but an intense full body orgasm that felt so good it almost made me cry. The feeling of how wrong it was to have my pussy spasm around another man’s penis is undeniably one of the hottest and most intense emotions a married woman could ever experience. My body didn’t care who it was, it was just happy to be getting cock.

My legs stiffened, my fingers probably made deep indentations onto Rick’s back and I’m sure the veins in my neck looked like they were going to explode along with the rest of my body. I wrapped my arms and legs around Rick and dug my fingers into his ass cheeks pulling him in as deep as he could go as he started thrusting inside me.

My pussy was more than ready and sucked him right in. In between thrusts, we managed to kick the rest of his clothes off and somehow my panties were removed. I was naked with another man between my legs that wasn’t my husband. This was becoming a habit.

We fucked like that for who knows how long, I really have no idea. The kissing didn’t stop and my lips were getting sore. We changed positions frequently with him suddenly pulling his wet cock out of me, flipping me over then sinking right back into me again. Each time I was penetrated in a new position I would orgasm instantly.

Rick felt this was a chance of a lifetime and he wasn’t going to miss out on feeling me every way he could. His hands roamed constantly over my tits, pussy and ass, up my legs, down my arms. He was memorizing the day he actually got to fuck another man’s wife, the feel, taste and smell of a taken woman, a woman that wasn’t his. I think every man has the desire to take what isn’t his, right or wrong. To take ownership of another man’s woman even for a brief moment of uninhibited, unbridled fucking. He was overloading my touch receptors but in a good way. I was brought to so many orgasms that they seemed like only one, with short moments of sanity in between.

I saw movement and looked up as hubby was coming into the room. I’m a bit ashamed to say, but up to this point I didn’t even realize my husband had left me alone. My arousal was so high that I was totally removed from reality. Rick’s cock and what it was doing to me was all that mattered at the moment.

At the time, Rick was on top of my body with my face down and ass up off the bed with him hammering into me, his balls slapping my clitoris on each thrust. When he saw hubby come in, he moved me onto my side with him behind me. Rick held my legs open with his leg so hubby could see his cock sawing into his wife over and over again bringing me off constantly. Rick turned my head so I could give him my tongue to suck.

I know why he wanted me in that position, we wanted my husband to see his cock penetrating his wife and for him to see his wife being taken and kissed by another man. Rick wanted him to see his wife being used like a slut. It turns out, that’s exactly what hubby wanted to see. It was as if it was all choreographed perfectly, yes they were a good team. Our frenzy had slowed down a little as he slowly ground his cock into my drenched pussy while I pushed my ass back to meet him.

Hubby watched us for a while longer until he decided he had seen enough and joined in. He presented his nice juicy piece of meat to me and I greedily took his cock into my mouth which I hungrily devoured. Now I was really in heaven with two delicious cocks sawing into me.

After several minutes, Rick was getting to the point of no return and wanted me to suck him while hubby fucked me from behind. I got on all fours while Rick got in front of me standing next to the bed presenting his cock to my mouth so I was tasting my juices as hubby penetrated my well fucked pussy and pounded me from behind. It would have been easy to let Rick soil my pussy with his cum but he instead wanted to take advantage of the situation of violating a married woman’s mouth. Hubs must have told him about my fear of swallowing sperm.


The guys had a pretty good tempo going. Hubby was holding onto my hips pulling me back while Rick held onto my tits and shoulders pulling me towards him. I was being impaled at both ends and I loved it. It was pretty sexy thinking about it. I was the tool they were using to basically masturbate themselves.

As usual during good sex, the lust of the moment was priority. He asked if I was ready to be filled and since I was stuffed at both ends, I just muffled a “MmmHmmm.” Then it happened! They both started moaning that they were cumming and suddenly I was being filled at the same time making my pussy spasm right along with them. Oh my!! I can’t say how turned on I was and how hot it felt knowing what was happening to my body. My once innocent body was taking cum from both ends, getting my pussy filled with hot cum while my husband’s co-worker unleashed rope after rope of hot male sperm into my sucking mouth.

I didn’t have a choice but to take it down my throat. Five massive ropes of cum shot into my open mouth before he finally quit gushing. Who knew a man’s balls could hold that much cum! The bigger the balls the bigger the load I guess? Who knows.  A little semen drained out of the corners of my mouth and some got on my hand but it was quickly licked it up and swallowed it like it was white chocolate. My husband told me it was the sexiest thing ever, seeing me literally drink another man’s cum without even flinching. He didn’t know I would have drowned if I didn’t! Not that I didn’t enjoy it, I did, maybe a little too much.


Rick had the instant hots for Kara from the start. He wasn’t shy about telling me his thoughts about her. He chose his words carefully but it was obvious that his thoughts were of him pounding her pussy from behind.  No man can resist that fine ass.  I eventually told Rick how I had shared her with a few guys sexually. Then I asked if he would like a chance at her. Of course he said yes. He was fresh out of the Marines and pussy was always on his mind. A shot at another man’s wife was a dream come true for him. After that, it seemed that it was the only conversation we could have during any down time.

Kara would come down for lunch and Rick and her would always talk. I could tell Rick was trying to get on her good side and it worked. After a while I would mention him during our sex play. Kara said she thought it would be hot having sex with him but told me that it wasn’t going to happen except in fantasy. Even after her warning, she still liked the idea of being with him sexually. In fantasy of course. Many times did she cum from “Rick” plowing into her.

Rick wasn’t a stranger to group sex. Along with a few of his Marine friends, Rick had double teamed some girls from time to time. He thought Kara was smoking hot and was definitely interested in sinking his cock into her married pussy. Rick even mentioned that while screwing his girl, he had imagined more than a few times that it was Kara he was drilling. So now I had Kara thinking about fucking Rick and Rick wanting to fuck Kara. This was going to be easy.

Kara would visit and he would tell me how nice of an ass Kara had and how much he wanted to glaze her face with his cum. Rick told me once that next time she comes in why don’t I leave her alone with him in the back room. He said he would like to take care of that little body. I told Kara about this and I was pretty surprised at what she said. “The only way that would work is if we both went into the employee bathroom.” That was just in case another employee came back. I started to question if she was just kidding anymore or actually finding ways to tell me to set it up.

We intended to just play it by ear and if we felt we could take it further, we would see what happened. We just wanted nature to take its course. When we got to our place, she was already on the computer chatting with a guy and I could tell she was already turned on because she barely even looked up when we came through the door.

Rick made some lame comments to lighten the mood and after a while wanted to see her get off while chatting. I was pretty stunned when she said okay to masturbating right in front of another guy. No way would she normally even think about doing this unless she was extremely turned on. The only reason Rick came to the house was to fuck my wife but of course Kara didn’t know that. I figured she would be somewhat hesitant about getting sexually comfortable with him.

I do believe she had no intention of letting Rick fuck her but as soon as he put his hands on her for the first time, I think in her mind she knew she was in over her head. It was pretty impressive seeing her compose herself enough to tell him she would give him head only, not that her resolve lasted long.

I wanted to see Kara get with another man again but wanted to see it from another point of view. After watching her willingly take Rick’s cock into her throat and start to suck on him, I slid out of the bedroom.  My plan was to step outside so I could watch through the window. I was glad the bedroom was in the back yard or I may have been arrested for being a peeping tom. “Catching” her in the act of infidelity was an overwhelming urge.

I waited a few minutes before I went to the bedroom window and what I saw was better than I ever imagined! They had already crawled up the bed and Rick was between her open thighs. I didn’t think I took that long to get to the bedroom window so he must have felt that she was more than ready for him to take her and didn’t want to waste any time. Her jeans were on the floor with her shirt but I could see she still had her panties on.

Between Rick sucking on her tits and making out with her, they both looked pretty into each other. It almost looked as if Rick was fucking her already but his boxers were still partially on. They were dry humping but it looked as if they were connected at the loins.

I watched in amazement as Kara reached down and tried to push Rick’s boxers further down his ass. There was light between them when he lifted and I could see that he had not penetrated my wife as of yet. Good, I didn’t want to miss seeing her giving herself to him. It was obvious she wanted him inside her and wouldn’t do anything to stop him from fucking her. I saw his right arm slide his boxers down just enough for his cock to get free. He must have used his cock to push Kara’s panties aside because suddenly they stopped kissing and moving if only for a moment. The moment of when my wife’s pussy was violated by another man was one I’ll never forget.

Her look was of pure lust. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was barely open. She looked as if she was concentrating on something as Rick’s hips again moved, but this time it was different. This time he was moving with a purpose towards Kara’s exposed opening, pushing his cock into my wife’s body.

Kara’s eyes suddenly opened and her jaw dropped in disbelief of what was happening. She threw her head back into the bed and her mouth stayed open as her eyes glued to the ceiling. The look was so intense that I could almost feel it as he pushed past her lips and penetrated her pussy. Slowly penetrating my wife until he was in, balls deep at last. This was what he wanted, to feel what it was like to be inside a married woman’s pussy, my wife’s pussy.

Kara wrapped her arms and legs around him pulling him in as his hips finally started moving out of her, then back in. Their hips moved in unison as their lips met with a more aggressive heat. Their mouths and tongues seemed to be fucking just as intensely as their loins. I watched as my wife and friend fucked right in front of me. My stomach churned from the jealousy I felt but the longer I watched him drill her the more aroused I got. Soon my own lust overcame the jealousy. Enough watching I thought. I wanted to join in.

When I walked into the bedroom I was amazed how hot the scene was. This was the best live porn show I had ever seen and my wife was the star. Rick made sure I could see his cock sawing inside my wife’s pussy. His bare, condom free shaft was wet from her juices and I could actually hear the wet lewd sounds of their mating taking place. He even slowed down this thrusting so the sounds were almost obscene.

For some reason seeing a man kiss my bride was even hotter that the sex itself and I had previously confessed this to him. Rick looked at me right before he turned Kara’s head and told her to

“Give me your tongue.”

She did as he asked as Rick aggressively kissed Kara and sucked her tongue into his mouth.

Kara looked at me as I climbed onto the bed as her mouth automatically opened for my cock. She sucked me hard and aggressively, harder than I could remember her doing before, her actions were pure animalistic lust. I know that Rick wanted to soil Kara’s pussy but he knew that her mouth was almost virginal so we decided I would use her pussy from behind while he took her mouth. We knew that if she was between us both she wouldn’t be able to escape our desires of filling her from both ends.

As soon as I entered her pussy, I knew there was no way I was going to last long. I was grateful when Rick was ready to bust. He grabbed Kara’s head and fucked her mouth like it was her pussy as I emptied my own balls inside her cunt.  The orgasm was intense and stronger than any I’ve felt in years as Rick unloaded inside Kara’s mouth.

I just knew she would try to pull him out so he could cum elsewhere. When she felt the first shot hit the back of her throat, she just moaned. I’m sure she didn’t expect so much but she took it like a champ, her throat contracting each time she swallowed. She was actually growling the whole time he was filling her mouth with his bodily fluids telling us how much her body was enjoying her debauchery. It was doubtful that she ever felt so used and desired at that moment.


So here I was between two men yet again as they fed me their sperm. I couldn’t believe how much Rick came in my mouth. It’s funny that I would do things so easily with other guys but not with my own husband. I never swallowed hubby except a few years ago when I felt obligated after taking another man’s cum into my mouth. It would seem that I was willing and able to do things like take a tummy full of another man’s cum when I was properly motivated.

Sex with Rick felt so good. I just melted to his touch and he felt wonderful thrusting inside of me. If they tried to double penetrate me in my ass and pussy I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have had the mental capacity to stop them. After they fucked me, I just lied there on the bed vibrating as I enjoyed little baby orgasms.

Rick got dressed and gave me a goodnight kiss. The kiss could have very easily brought on a round two but he was going to have to fuck his girlfriend if he wanted more.

Hubby encouraged me to get with him again but I felt guilty because of his girlfriend. I know I didn’t seem to mind when he was plowing into my married pussy.  When I came down from my sexual high I started feeling bad. Hubs never admitted to it.  I’m sure they planned for me to have a final fling with him. Rick was leaving work early and asked if I could give him a ride home then come back for hubs. Told you I was naive. I agreed, hubby smiled and said to have fun and don’t hurry back. Haha, I had no intention of helping Rick cheat on his girlfriend again.

While I followed the directions to his place, I tried to think about anything besides what I was really thinking. I was thinking that if Rick told me to come into his house I would have without any hesitation. Being dominated must have been some deep dark fantasy.  I imagined him walking me right into his house through the living room where his room mates probably were.  For some reason, me being embarrassed as he escorted me to his bedroom to use me was something that I wanted him to do.

I imagined Rick fucking me while his bedroom door was still open. It was such a turn on thinking they could hear as he used me like a whore. His cock dumping a huge load of cum inside my pussy. My mind saw him keeping my panties for a souvenir, carrying them loosely in his hand so they could see as he walked me back out, his roommates looking at me in shame knowing that Rick had just fucked me for their entertainment as much as his own. My imagination saw that they could see the cum running down my thighs as I walked to my car. Whew! Wake up Kara, wake up!

While I drove him home he said he forgot to thank me for the night we had together.  He started stroking my thigh and touching my neck. Oh no, this wasn’t good. I could have brushed him away but I didn’t. We talked about what happened between us and he said he would like to do it again. I didn’t know where Rick lived but noticed I was going in a circle.  He finally asked me to pull over. I figured with his hand on my body getting me aroused I was going to have an accident if I didn’t do as instructed. Rick told me we passed his place already. He just wasn’t ready to go in yet as his girlfriend’s car was in front of his house.

Rick told me he wanted to kiss me again and actually asked if it would be okay. Of course being the sex robot I was, I said yes. We kissed, no, made out for a good 15 minutes. He unbuttoned my blouse and slid his hand into my bra rubbing my breasts. What got me the most was when he would pull and twist my nipples into painful ecstasy. I even chose a front clasp bra that day.  Apparently I knew that a guy was going to need easy access to my tits.

Rick removed my shirt and bra giving himself better access to sucking my nipples while he worked my pants open. Oh why didn’t I wear the skirt like in my fantasy! I know why, because it would have been too tempting. Oh well, that didn’t work out so well. He worked his hand inside my pants eventually getting deep enough to slip two fingers inside me. It didn’t take me any time at all to have a massive orgasm on his fingers. I don’t know how I got the strength to finally push him away. Not to stop him, but to reach over to take his cock out. He no doubt thought he was going to fuck me but I had other ideas. I freed his cock and engulfed him with my mouth, deep throating him with a gusto.

I’m sure you all want to know how I gave in. How I took my pants down, mounted and fucked his cock until he exploded inside my throbbing, wet pussy. Unfortunately that’s not what happened. I sucked his cock so good and with a heated passion that I didn’t know I had. Rick was pretty shocked himself and all he could say is oh my god over and over again. It only took a few minutes for him to fill my mouth with his seed. Rick gave it all to me but this time I was ready for the volume of his balls.  His sperm glided down my throat as fast as I could swallow. I made sure I got every single drop of his cum.

Rick lied back as if I just sucked the life out of him. I massaged his balls and squeezed every drop from his shaft until nothing more could escape. A woman like me who wanted it all likely hadn’t crossed his path like this before. His girlfriend was going to get much more out of him that night.

Who knew that sucking cock until my belly was full of another man’s cum would become a fetish years later.

I then buttoned my shirt leaving my bra undone and asked, “Now where do you live?” If I had wore a skirt I would be driving back with his cum inside my used pussy.  I felt like I won a small battle for the time.  At least regained a little bit of my wifely dignity.

After I dropped Rick off, I went to pick hubby up. He asked if anything happened so I unbuttoned my shirt to show him my open bra. I told him what happened, drove home and we proceeded to fuck each other into a coma.

That was the second and last time we did anything. Life happened and we went our separate ways. Too bad we didn’t get together again but I’m sure at the time it was for the better. If I Rick today I know I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment if there was a chance of getting together.

Rick would recognize me today I’m sure.  The sexual chemistry would still be there if he did. I would easily be on my back or knees for him within the hour of meeting.  Rick would be filling me with his DNA as many times as we could, leaving me wanting more.

Nothing happened again for another 15 years. I had three wonderful children. We got busy and fell into the typical day to day activities that couples fall into. We were happy and sex was good right up to when I officially became a Hotwife.

When it came down to it, my resistance and moral arguments didn’t matter.  It’s all about timing and the timing back then wasn’t right. I had an amazing sexual experience but it was just the warm up for what’s been happening to me present day.

I hope you enjoyed my experience. Between my husband and I, we think we nailed what happened pretty spot on. So, until next time.




My Sexual Awakening. My First actual Hotwifing experience.

Here’s an idea of what’s coming.

“Let me assure you Kara, I have absolutely no desire to have sex with anybody else. I think it would be the hottest thing ever to see you doing it with another guy. You know that it’s what I’ve always wanted but this is totally your decision this time. No seduction, no trying to convince you. You have to choose and you have to be 100% sure about this.”

“Tell you what, let’s make a profile on a swingers site to see what kind of response we get. If we get none, so what?  If we do, you’re going to have to decide what you want to happen. We can try it for a few months to see what develops. Fucking a guy isn’t worth it if you don’t enjoy it.  If you do like it then we can continue for as long as you like.”

…”Okay, let’s do it.”