My White Hot Sexual Awakening

Dear Readers,

I want to share how an innocent, naive, Christian. A loyal Sunday School teacher, mom and housewife, became addicted to sex with other men. Not just any man, but strangers. Men who only an hour before didn’t even know my name.  Guys I had never seen except from a picture. Men who only an hour later would be undressing me.  I would be kneeling before them in anticipation.

This is my story.

Please read my prior stories to get the background. They are all stand alone stories but intertwined. I’ve been working up from when I was a reluctant wife to where I am today.


I was the typical virgin who wanted to save myself for the right man and I succeeded. My husband was the first man I had ever had sex with and I thought the last man I would ever want.

Fast forward to only a few years after my wedding.  My husbands best friend who was a member of the wedding party, is lying naked between my spread thighs. Our tongues probe each others mouths while my hands pull his ass towards me pulling him deeper inside as his bare cock penetrates my vagina.  His cock pushing his way through the wet swollen lips. I can feel his balls bouncing off my ass on each thrust as he nears his climax. It’s obvious he’s about to lose all control. Soon his seed will be unloading inside my married, unprotected womb. All I can do is moan in yet another orgasm and beg for more.

This was the second time in two week that I let him fuck me.  Nobody knows how many loads that he deposited inside my body that particular night. At least one load was shot down my throat taking my oral virginity.  I was as sexually lost as I had ever been. While I was being a dirty slut taking extra-marital cock, my husband was in the next room taking care of our one year old.

My husband could hear everything. Every moan, every grunt, every slap of our coupling as our loins smashed together until he knew without a doubt that the man between my legs, his wife’s legs, was filling my pussy to overflowing yet again. Just the week before, his friend and him successfully seduced me into a threesome that we all enjoyed, my very first I might add. This weekend night, hubby left us alone so we could explore each others body and get to know each other more intimately.

By the end of the night both my mouth and pussy were sore and the sheets were wet from either our sweat or all the cum that was running out of my sodden pussy. When my husband finally appeared inside the bedroom, our bodies were intertwined in a sweaty heap with no more energy to spare and our friend literally drained beyond recovery.

After that second time, I was seduced by four other men who used me multiple times, all with my husband’s encouragement. After each moment of what I used to consider weakness on my part, I would repent, then two more years later I again was begging another man to take me and pleaded for them to shoot their cum inside my married pussy. I was so soundly seduced each time that I never even considered a condom for the men, they all took me bareback and I loved every thrust, every curve and contour of their stiff cocks. I begged for every inch they gave me and worked for every drop they deposited deep inside my writhing body!

Finally, after my fourth extra-marital sex partner, I was able to get myself under control, so I thought, and was again determined to be the loyal, loving wife my husband married but this time without my deviant desires getting in the way.

Who knew that 15 years later, I would be on the prowl to find a man or men to satisfy my sexual urges once again. On one hand I was completely unprepared for what happened next. On the other, it was exactly what I yearned for.

***************************My Sexual Awakening******************

**The trigger that set it all off? The reason I went from good girl to a walking sexual hormone? It was a co-worker. A group of us had become fairly good work friends, which meant we felt comfortable saying pretty much anything around each other and lots of what we were saying was HR inappropriate. I didn’t mind, it was all in good fun. Let me also mention that I was the only girl in this group and as I write this, I still am.

We would always take breaks and lunch together and that’s where most of the sexual innuendos were in abundance. They would prod me into a reaction by saying, “What corner do you work at for extra money?” Or they would tell me, “You need to walk away.” Which was just code for, “I want to see your ass”. I was still pretty naive and was always slow with a comeback so they would always get a good laugh out of it. They were lucky I was a good sport.

I wasn’t disrespected by any means, they liked me and I liked them. It was all in good, unclean fun.

At home, I would tell my husband what was said to me and he would just laugh and tell me what to say next time. Even with the live ammo given to me, I never quite got the flare for the banter.

I was working alongside the perceived leader of the pack in semi privacy one day when he asked if he could make a comment, he didn’t want to offend me or have me go to HR. Considering all the other sexual comments he had already made, this must have been something, considering he usually didn’t ask or think before speaking. I told him to go for it, that we were all adults.

He said, “I would really like to see the insides of your jeans.”

That was it! No epiphany, no earth shattering event or mind altering drug made me decide that I was ready to be a sexually promiscuous wife or a sexual deviant as some would consider me. It wasn’t even that bad, in fact, it was pretty tame considering. That one statement from my co-worker affected me so much to the core that I had a sexual awakening which rocked my world to the point to where it has never been the same since. I don’t want to make it sound so dramatic and I know it seems ridiculous but you have to remember where I was.

I had a good sex life at home, actually a really good sex life. We made love on average 2 to 3x a week, and being a 49 year old mom and wife, that was considered a lot. Sometimes, we would bring up my past seductions and use them to turn us on during sex but it was never suggested that it would ever happen again. I never considered that my husband still had fantasies of watching me with other men and still would’ve liked to share me so there were zero clues as to why a simple comment could make me go on a sexual rampage.

The night before, hubs and I had a hot session of sex fantasizing and remembering my 4th and final lover that fucked me 15 years prior so maybe I was still turned on and primed. The night after the comment, I practically raped my husband! He always had to instigate the sex but that night I needed it like never before. His cock was delicious in my mouth as I sucked him like a thirsty little slut.  He laid there as I kissed up his body, sucking and biting his chest and neck until I could feel his cock touching my pussy.

The tip of his cock head nudged against my swollen lips.  My vagina had a mind of it’s own and literally sucked his cock inside me almost all by itself. His cock fucked into me hard, slamming  into me on every lunge. Hubby hung onto my hips for dear life while his conservative prim and proper wife fucked him like an animal in heat. I dug my nails into his chest while I rode out multiple orgasms, satisfying my own burning desires.

In my mind I should have felt guilty for using him for my own needs but I didn’t. What he didn’t know can’t hurt him I guess.  In my mind, I was having sex with my co-worker. It felt so real, almost as if I was actually riding him and it was his cock inside me fucking me instead of my husbands familiar cock. My pussy was flooding his cock and balls to the point where the bed was soaked to the mattress.

He didn’t have a chance and told me if I didn’t slow down he was going to cum. That only made me ride him harder and faster. My eyes were closed the whole time and I couldn’t hear my husband’s voice, it was him, my co-worker who was telling me he was going to shoot inside me. The fire in my loins was raging so when his first shot of cum hit my cervix, it was like throwing water onto a hot iron sending me to yet another earth shattering orgasm.

Even when he did cum, I didn’t stop, I couldn’t. I kept him inside me and just glided slowly back and forth careful to not break contact or loose the zone I was in. My head hung down with my hair surrounding both sides of his face as my mouth hung open, memorizing how my co-worker felt inside me. I heard a voice ask, what had gotten into me but I didn’t want to talk, I just leaned down with my open mouth and crushed my co-worker’s…husband’s lips with mine. It didn’t take long before he was hard again.

He grabbed me and threw me onto my back, waking me from my hallucination. My husband then spread my legs and shoved balls deep into my cum soaked, swollen pussy. He pounded me hard enough that our juices were splattering onto the bed leaving wet spots everywhere.

Finally, when we both calmed down, I had to fess up with what was going on and what was said by my co-worker. With our history, I didn’t figure hubby would be jealous and I was right. He laughed about it and told me to thank the guy for him. Neither one of us figured my arousal would last long and figured we could use it to our sexual advantage.

At work my co-worker continued to mention my ass and got more suggestive as time went on. I know you want to hear how he seduced me and fucked me but that didn’t happen. He stayed loyal to his own wife and never asked or even hinted that he wanted any physical contact. Good thing because I know I would have easily succumbed to his advances. I would’ve found myself either in his or my bed by the end of the day. Surely with my legs wrapped around him as I pulled his cock inside me until his own seed was implanted deep within.

As far as my co-worker was concerned I was still the naive little thing he always knew and loved to mentally play with. I was too afraid to acknowledge that he had gotten to me, that he was making my panties wet every day we worked together and everyday the fire between my legs burned hotter. He would never find out how much his comment changed me.

I had heard the stories about women developing a heightened libido after a certain age but this was different. Even my nipples got more sensitive. To be more accurate, my left nipple. I would be working and move just right for my bra to rub it. My nipple would twitch sending a shiver down my body to my clitoris. I had another coworker even ask if I was okay one time and had to tell them I just had a shiver, talk about embarrassing. I was a hot, wet mess!

At home on several occasions when hubby got home, he would find me on my knees waiting for him. Before he could say anything I would be undoing his belt, taking his cock out and shoving him down my throat sucking him to hardness before leading him to the bedroom. We would fuck until his cum would quench my desire, but only for the moment.

A few times, my own juices literally ran down one of my legs soaking my sock before he even touched me. I never realized a woman could get so wet.

The final step of my transition I think was when my husband asked if I wanted some ice cream and offered to put a little extra cream on it for me. Of course the cream he was offering was his cum and I knew he was kidding. I had never done this before so he was silently shocked when I simply said, “Sure, come here.” He walked over with a bowl and put it down beside me. I looked up at him smiling and told him to take it out.

Hubby thought I was calling his bluff but I sucked him for several minutes, occasionally taking small bites of the ice cream to chill my tongue. I would then put his hot cock back into my ice cold mouth. He finally warned me that he was going to cum if I continued. It must be noted here that I still had not developed the skill nor the desire to swallow cum so he was warning me to either get a towel or stop.

I stopped just long enough to grab the bowl. No way was I going to do this, so he thought. My mouth worked him over until he couldn’t hold off anymore. I pulled him out and stroked him a few more times before his white creamy load shot onto the cold treat. Rope after rope of hot semen shot out as I milked him dry. I didn’t think he would cum that much but he definitely emptied his balls. When hubby was finally finished unloading I grabbed the spoon and started stirring his creamy deposit into the ice cream.  I made sure every bite was laced with his yummy DNA. He watched mesmerized as I devoured the tasty treat with no hesitation.

My husband started to wonder if he was going to survive my transition from conservative wife to nymphomaniac and asked if I was wanting to do something about my new “condition.” He was getting all the sex he could ever want but his cock “was going to fall off” if he didn’t get some help.

“What do you have in mind?”

“What if we looked at some swinger sites online to find you some safe sex partners?” He was sure guys would fall over trying to get with me but I wasn’t so sure. I really never felt sexy or thought myself as sexy especially now at my age, but my need for touch over ruled my senses and after years of denial I actually considered it. The thought of another man taking me to bed was intriguing to say the least. Surprisingly I didn’t say no. I only wanted to know how we could make this happen.

My co-worker was off limits. The last thing I needed was to be labeled the company slut if it ever got out. I somehow got labeled by a few of my cohorts as a home wrecker. Not because of anything I had done but because of what would happen if anybody did anything with me. I guess I had become more sexually appealing and sensual as I transitioned making me a dangerous woman who could become addicting. When I was told that I laughed it off but hubby laughed and told me “that about sums it up.” Who knew? I certainly didn’t.

The more I thought about sex with other men, the more I liked it. We thought about driving out of town where nobody knew me and trying to see if I could get picked up by a hot guy but I wasn’t that brave. And besides, that only happens in the stories right? So when he mentioned the idea of a swingers site I was intrigued. I was looking for a way to make it happen and thought that maybe this could be it. I was now officially on the prowl and focused on the touch of another man after realizing that I didn’t just want it, I needed it.

Even with our short history of me being a shared wife, I still couldn’t believe my own husband wanted me to have sex with other guys. Was he wanting me to fuck other men so he could use it to get with another woman? I couldn’t handle that happening, I would’ve been devastated if that was it. He has never even mentioned him wanting to be with someone else. Was he bored with me? Good luck finding another woman that wanted sex as much as I did. I knew he loved me more than anything so that wasn’t a question, I was certain I was always number 1 in his life. He would rather hang out with me than anybody and vise versa. We weren’t just husband and wife, we were still after all these years, each other’s best friend. I trusted him so I went for it.

We got online and found a suitable swingers site for our area and after a lot of sifting through tons of men.  Tommy seemed to fit what we were looking for. He was a good looking black guy who said all the right things. Black guys never really got me attention and it had nothing to do with race either. Guys over six foot or men with beards never got my attention either, just not my thing. I wasn’t looking for a man to spend my life with, He was already at my side. I was looking for a man to fuck me, pure and simple. Men to take me, use me and to fuck me is who I was looking for.  I also wanted a man that would let me use his body for my needs, something that I had never thought I would ever need before.

I was always repulsed when I would hear about guys only wanting women for our bodies, to be more concise, pussy. But here I was trolling for not only men but cock. Cock to use then throw away if I wanted to. Cock to fuck my married pussy raw then go home to my husband and kids.

We went back and forth with Tommy and decided to meet up in a busy location close by to his place.  Mainly in case we needed a bed. If we didn’t like him or it just didn’t feel right we could always thank him and go our separate ways, no pressure. We really didn’t know what we were supposed to look for in a guy but I chose him to be my first trial run. Tommy was attractive but also cocky. He knew he was going to be buried inside me from the moment we met and he was so right.

We met him on a Friday or Saturday night, I don’t remember which. We decided on an outdoor mall area next to the football stadium downtown. Before we got out of the vehicle I mentioned to hubby with a bit of embarrassment that I could already tell that I was wet between my legs as I could feel the dampness from my panties. It didn’t help that my nipples were so hard that they hurt while straining against my bra. Every inch of my body was an active erogenous zone and I was a soggy mess who was about to find out how deep and dark my desires went.

I was wearing yoga pants that really brought out the shape of my ass, subconsciously I probably wore them just in case I needed to remove them quickly and easily. Nothing like setting yourself up for success for getting laid like wearing easily accessible clothing.

When we greeted, he shook my husband’s hand and gave me a hug. He also gave me a nice, short, respectable kiss on the lips right in front of everybody who was milling around. It made my clit jump and body tingle but I certainly didn’t want anybody to see me getting any public acts of affection from another man. More than anything else I was trying to concentrate on not tripping and embarrassing myself with my own arousal. After standing around and chatting for a few minutes we looked around for a good spot for some semi privacy and hubby noticed a small tower overlooking the crowd that was open.

We walked to the stairs and of course the two guys followed me.  They wanted to check out my cheeky ass. My stomach was churning from my nerves.  Tommy, not wasting any time, mentioned how nice my ass was.  He then asked if he could touch it. I acted as if it was no big deal and told him go for it. A bad way of putting it I may add. While walking up, I swear his hand was caressing my ass for the two flights of stairs telling me how firm I was and how well endowed my ass was. My hormones were already ramped up so him touching me only made it worse.

We arrived at the landing and luckily for him it was empty. He stepped back and told me to turn so he could get a good look at me and size me up. Tommy told hubs that he was a lucky man and said I must be amazing in bed and tight as a vice. Wow, that was new I thought. He was looking at me the same way I was looking at him, as if we were both each others next meal.

We could fully see the people below but they could only see us from our shoulders up. While getting to know each other, his hand continued to caress my thinly covered ass memorizing every curve and making me stumble with my words. For the first time in my life I was seriously concerned if my wetness was showing through my pants or if he could smell the pheromones emanating from my pussy. On the latter? If the response I was getting from Tommy said anything then yes he could!

After some back and forth bantering, he asked my husband if he could kiss me again. He told Tommy that he could do whatever Kara allowed. I just stood there staring like a deer in the headlights not being able to say anything. After looking at me as if he was waiting for an answer, he squared himself in front of me reaching around my body to squeeze both my ass cheeks.  Tommy looked down to where my thighs met and started grinding into me. He moved closer until his body molded into mine and we were in a full embrace with his lips barely inches from mine. His stare into my eyes told me how hot I was and said something in the way of what he wanted to do to my body, then we were kissing.

I didn’t even hesitate to respond. We went from zero to full on making out tongues and all. I felt Tommy fumbling around with something.  All of a sudden he took my hand and put it on the fattest cock I had ever imagined. I didn’t even try to pull away. Remember this was in public and I was not a public woman. He told me to stroke him then went right back to dry humping me except his cock was now fucking my hand. He must have been turned on quite a bit also because he was coating my hand with his pre-cum making his cock slide through my fist.

By now I could feel my pulse beating in my clitoris! While our tongues danced, my loins felt like they were on fire and I needed him to put it out. This was so not me but I acted like this was just what was supposed to happen, as if I expected it. Hubby was enjoying watching how easily I succumbed to his advances while he still watched out for others. Thinking back on it, I don’t know if I was falling into his trap to have me or if he was falling into mine.

Tommy had another man’s wife in his arms and wasn’t going to let up without violating me every way he could. He maneuvered his hand up my silky shirt into my bra and squeezed my rock hard nipples. It was like hooking my nipple up to an electric current connected directly to my clit. He rolled them between his fingers while I stroked his hard cock. I’m surprised he didn’t try to bend me over to fuck me right then and there. If I was wearing a skirt, I’m sure that he would have tried and I can’t be certain if he would have been successful or not.

I wasn’t able or willing to push him away. His hands and lips were driving me crazy with lust. I loved to kiss but kissing a stranger was something beyond exciting. He eventually moved both hands down below the waist to my ass and pussy as his fingers met in the middle. He pushed his fingers hard enough and found the opening into my vagina. With the yoga pants he was easily able to push inside of me an inch or so. He was zeroing in on his prize while his cock in my hand kept me mesmerized.

Suddenly thank goodness, the elevator dinged and a few seconds later opened. A couple of people walked out and went down the stairs without noticing anything so it seemed. I could tell Tommy had done this before because in an instant I was facing the wall overlooking the crowd with him pushing into me.  At least in this position it just looked like we were casually checking out the people below while he continued his manipulation of my body.

Before I could get my bearings he pushed his hand down into my pants and panties. Tommy didn’t stop until he found my very wet opening of my trimmed pussy.  He hooked two fingers inside making me groan a little too loud. I could feel his cock pushing against my ass and ground it into me asking if it felt good. Omg!! This was moving way faster than I expected. I had a total strangers hand inside my pants that I met only about 10 min. ago. His fingers were slithering past my wet folds entering my most private parts. Wow how things can change with a blink of an eye or a comment from a co-worker.

“Can you feel my dick against your ass babe? Do you like it?”

I was concentrating on not coming all over his hand which was getting increasingly harder so all I could do was nod my head. I could actually hear the sloshing of my pussy through the noise below as his fingers moved vigorously inside me.

“Your pussy is drenched Kara, it wants my big cock inside of it doesn’t it? Reach around and stroke me babe, feel how hard it is for you.”

I did what he said while his fingers did a number on the swamp between my legs. I stroked his cock again while my mouth hung open and my eyes closed as I imagined him pushing inside me.

“You ever feel a cock that thick before now?”


“Do you think that big black cock would fit that tiny, hot little cunt of yours?”

“I’m not sure.”

“How about we find out?” I was too mesmerized to answer and it felt sooo… good.

“You want that black cock inside your sweet cunt don’t you Kara?” He became even more aggressive fingering my pussy making me squeal and almost causing me to lose my balance. My knees were weak and I was only able to still stand because of his arms around me and my one arm against the wall. He had also moved his other hand to my breast pulling my bra to the side, squeezing and pinching my left nipple sending me to another sexual level I had never been to before.

“Tell me babe, do you want me to fuck you? Say it…”


“Say it for me, tell me what you want, tell me you want my black dick inside your white cunt… let me hear it Kara, tell me how much you want to me to take your fine ass body and fuck you. I want to use you so hard right now Kara, say it.”

Finally I submitted to what he wanted to hear.

“Yes, yes I want you to fuck me.”

“Say it.”

“Please, I want you to fuck…oh, me with your… black cock, I NEED you to…OH god… fuck me… please fuck me.” I was delirious by now but Tommy wasn’t quite done.

“Tell me you want me to fuck your married cunt, I want to hear you say it.”

This time I not only said it but I turned my head as much as I could, looked him in the eyes while his fingers were still buried deep inside my pussy, gritted my teeth and with all the determination and sincerity I had…

“I want you to take me someplace to fuck my married, white cunt with your black cock, do it!” I said it with an intensity that I still didn’t know I had. My husband later told me that he had never heard me talk so sexy and with such passion saying it was the hottest thing he had ever heard me say, ever.

“I’m going to tear that pussy up.” He smiled and looked at my husband and said, “How about we get out of here so I can fuck the hell out of your wife’s tight pussy. “Tommy then pulled his fingers out and licked my juices off.

“Her delicious married pussy.”

I couldn’t wait any longer. Before I chickened out I got as decent as I physically could.  I walked down the stairs while they hurried up and followed. As we walked to our vehicles, hubby stayed back to give us some room.  Tommy and I looked like a couple walking together.

The vehicle was a good 10 to 15 minutes away and Tommy didn’t want his spell over me to break. He also found that he really liked stretch pants. When we walked, he kept putting his hand down the back of my pants feeling down to the bottom, gripping my cheeks and lightly touching me.

“You have a fine ass for a white girl Kara.”

When nobody was coming our way he pushed inside the front of my pants down to my wet pussy.  Ever so often he would pull out to put his arm around my shoulder.  He would reach down my shirt so he could play with my small breasts telling me what he was going to do to me.

“I’m going to tear your pussy up Kara, you just wait, I’m going to fuck you so good you’ll be howling at the moon.  When I’m done soiling your married cunt, I’m going to fuck you again Kara.” I don’t know why I wasn’t laughing at his banter, it was comical. Apparently my husband was getting a kick out of it. I guess I was just too focused on the sex that I was determined to let happen.

Once we had reached the area where there were no more people, he again led my hand to his shaft. I felt a little silly, like I was walking a dog holding onto his leash. This was all new to me so I figured I would just go for it. If a person did happen by, I would pull away until they passed, then I would reach for him again and stroke it with my own free will. Not once during his attempt to violate and seduce me did I resist.

I was aware that he was steering his prey and moving in for the score and I had no desire to stop him. I should also say that I have always had the “being taken advantage of and used” fantasy and at this moment it was in full bloom.

While walking, we found a dark, semi secluded spot with no cameras present that we could see. He took me to an area and leaned me against the wall kissing me again. I’m very surprised he didn’t try to push my pants down further.  I think even he didn’t want to push it. His fingers slithered past my clit and went right through my lubricated lips, penetrating me without any resistance.

Tommy was determined to give me an orgasm.  If I wasn’t so nervous at the time, I’m sure I would have gone off like a firecracker. Hubby knew of my desire of being submissive so he let it unfold before him and watched to make sure I was a willing participant. Little did I know that Tommy was doing what was expected after several private conversations between him and my husband. That’s right, he was in on it. I should have known.

He finally pulled out of me, licked his fingers again and said. “Your pussy is throbbing for me to fuck it, let’s get to some privacy before I fuck you on somebody else’s car.”

We moved our vehicles next to each other at the far area of the parking lot. When hubby and I got into our truck he asked me if I was okay. I told him yes, I wanted to do this. He had me look into his eyes and tell him again so he could be 100% sure.

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want Tommy to fuck me, I don’t know why but I really want this to happen.” That’s all he needed to hear.

We walked to the back of the truck and pulled the gate down. While we made out some more, I let Tommy pull my pants along with my panties to my knees. This was the first time I was literally bare ass naked in a parking lot and it was with a stranger.

“Suck my dick.”

He shoved his pants down and I did my best trying to suck him but he was just too thick. I slathered my tongue around his head and licked the pre-cum that was pouring out of him. I didn’t know how I was going to fit this thing inside me but I was darn sure going to try.

My heart started racing and my breathing came quick as he pulled out of my mouth and had me lean over the tailgate. He mounted me from behind and shoved his cock inside my pussy. Well, at least he tried to. It took several attempts but unbelievably his cock finally pushed my pussy lips apart entering me. For the first time in 15 years I now had another man’s hard, bare cock inside my flaming hot and soaked pussy and I loved it!

He wasn’t gentle either, trying to shove the whole thing inside me instead of a little at a time. It hurt for him to fuck me at first but I knew he was breaking me in. I had a sort of sick satisfaction for actually letting this happen to me.

Tommy had a good rhythm going with his steel shaft sliding in and out of me.  I felt like my virginity was being taken once again. We were in a pretty secluded part of the parking lot as he pushed into my pussy making me moan.  We didn’t want the police called by one of the residents at the apartments we were facing so we moved to the backseat of the truck.

Side note; hubby was pretty sure we were watched through more than one window and saw a guy come out to sit on his balcony during my loud moaning. Hope he liked the show.

“Get my dick wet again and slide that tight cunt down onto me.”

Leaning into the truck I sucked him and soaked him with my saliva.  I then got in and straddled his thighs with my back facing him. Grabbed his cock, I brushed the head against my pussy and dropped my weight down until his balls were touching the lips of my entrance. Tommy was buried inside my married pussy balls deep. This time it felt amazing and I almost passed out from the feeling of being so full. I rode him for a few minutes and eventually had a few mind altering orgasms. My pussy needed this so bad.

I was mentally lost as I rode his cock having numerous orgasms. I would lift off of his cock and slam back down to empale myself again and again. Finally after some vigorous fucking he shouted that he was going to cum.  He grabbed both hips and pulled me in hard so he could shoot as deep as possible inside of me.  Completing his violation of my body.

After he finished soiling me, he had me get off his cock. He told me to suck him so he could get hard again.

“I’m not done with you yet.”

I was finally able to suck his cock since it had deflated to normal size.  It didn’t stay that way long, soon he started growing inside my mouth. My mind was still reeling from the whole sordid ordeal and my pussy throbbing from the fucking I just received. I was hoping his cock would harden quickly so I could have it shoved back inside me. No matter how painful or how much it stretched me. I was hoping he would be more gentle the second time around.  I still needed to be fucked but it wasn’t to be.

After only a few minutes had passed, he was at full length and girth. He flipped me over onto my back. My legs were spread, ready to be violated yet again. I’m 5 feet nothing with shoes on so, I was able to fit completely in the backseat.   Tommy positioned himself to spear inside me again.  He flung my legs over his shoulders, bending me in half.

My pussy wasn’t providing the needed lubrication I needed with his size. I was so turned on mentally and physically, it didn’t matter. I just wanted sex!

He pounded me for another 10 minutes or so before he said he was going to cum again.  I grabbed him by his ass and dug my fingernails into him.  I told him, “Yes, do it, cum inside me.”

He shoved into me balls deep using the door for leverage. He wanted to get inside of me as deep as possible.  Tommy flooded me once again with his potent sperm. When he was done using my body for his personal cum bucket, he had me clean his cock with my mouth. He had fucked another man’s wife and enjoyed it thoroughly.  I enjoyed it to a point.

The one downfall, he forgot about me and focused only on his desires to get off with my body. We got dressed, kissed and just like that we went our separate ways.

Hubby actively watched at how I responded to being taken and dominated.  He heard me beg for Tommy to fuck me. My long buried fantasy of being used and taken was satisfied that night and he knew it.

On the drive home, hubby wanted to make sure I was all good.  I told him I was more that good. I had taken a huge step and my heightened hormones helped me to take it further than I ever expected. When we got home we didn’t have sex or make love, we fucked, I was sore but didn’t care. He shot his load nice and deep reclaiming my pussy as his own.

Hubby was wondering if this was going to be a one and done event.

“Oh no! If you’re willing, I want to do it again but with a different guy” I said.

We had already chosen a few guys that I wanted to get with.  Hubby told me about a guy who was a cowboy. He was very polite and respectful. A few days later him and Robert met on their own where they plotted to help with another fantasy.  The fantasy that I’d kept buried for years. I wanted a massage and not just any massage either. A happy ending massage was what I was desiring. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would ever let it happen but there they were, planning it. Hubby asked if I wanted to know the details.  I told him no because I didn’t want to have the opportunity for me to chicken out. I didn’t meet him until he was buried inside me.

“Go ahead and set something up” I told him, I trusted him and he didn’t disappoint.


Thirty days had gone by since my first hotwifing experience.  I was now fucking new men on a regular basis. I had invited eight men to take me.  Eight men fucked and used my naked body over and over again. Those men had buried themselves balls deep inside my willing and very married pussy. My body took every inch and every thrust they could give me. My pussy desperately begged to be fucked.  She wanted nothing more that to be shot full of their cum.  The deeper the better.

I absolutely love the feel of a man’s hard cock. The feel as it surges and pulsates inside my body.  Knowing that my most sacred parts, my happily married pussy was being flooded with yet another man’s DNA. Who knows how many loads of cum soiled my vagina.  How much sperm ended up in my belly in those 30 days would be a mystery.  It was far more than I would have ever imagined.

Not long after my first experience, I realized to be a true hotwife, I needed to ask my hubby for a favor.

“I need you to make me swallow your cum so I can get used to doing it with other men. Don’t let me pull away.  Today I can’t get enough good hot cum shooting into my mouth.  Hubby says I now have an oral fetish and cum swallowing addiction. I haven’t heard any complaints as of yet. There were the guys who had to push me away after they came. Mainly because I wouldn’t stop;)

That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed my sexual awakening, I know I did and still do. Thanks for listening. I think it’s time to call someone for a good hard release.

Kisses, Kara