An Affair or Addiction

I was going to put this into my blog but it went from an encounter to a whole story.  The true stuff is hotter than fiction.


“I would never have sex with another married man, NEVER!! Omg that’s just wrong, disgusting, what a whore!  A woman who would have sex with a married man knowingly is a tramp!  I may be a slut but I’m not a whore.   My line is drawn at married men.  I won’t let them use me to get off or use me to replace their wife.  How dare he look at another woman sexually.  My morality won’t ever let me do that.”

Yes that was me, I said all of that and more.  So why am I all of a sudden THAT woman?  That’s right.  I am the woman that I despised.  Let me just say it here…

I am having an..(cough, cough) affair with a married man.  There, I said it, yes I am that woman. Well, I’m sucking off a married man at least. Ugh!  Sex is sex, vaginal, anal or oral.  It is sex.

How could I do it?  How could I willingly and knowingly have a sexual relationship with a married man?  Maybe it’s because i’m not the one cheating.  It’s not like i’m doing anything behind my husbands back.  In fact he likes it.  My coworker is the one having an affair.  Should that even matter?  If you followed what I said in the first paragraph then no, it shouldn’t.

It’s a long story so I’ll try to be very short.  It’s my husband’s fault!!  Okay, okay maybe not but actually it is.  My husband, me and my now…lover, that still sounds wrong, used to work in the same building as each other and as you know my husband loves to share me with other men.

I thought I was immune to married men.  Until one guy who I’m not really attracted to and whom I went to lunch with daily, with 2 other men, started to get to me.  No he didn’t try to come on to me or seduce me as such, he was just one of the three guys who liked to banter back and forth with me.  They always liked to talk about my ass and would tease me daily on how my ass should be for sale…but we won’t get into that.

The day it actually started was when my husband talked to the man in question. The guy told hubby that he almost got a handful of my ass earlier.   He said all he needed to do was turn his hand and grab  me and that he had the almost uncontrollable urge to do just that.  After hubby laughed and told him to next time go for it, he did just that.

We were alone and working when M came up behind me and said he had been wanting to do something.  Without saying another word he just grabbed my ass!  Not a small grab either nor was it a grope.  He was careful to put his full palm onto my backside and just hold it there barely moving and gently squeezed it as if memorizing what my ass felt like.  All I could do was stand there getting instantly wet.  My excitement went from zero to 10 in an instant.

M noticed my lack of reaction and I’m sure the low guttural moan coming from me helped a little. It lasted only about 10 seconds but that seemed like a long time.  He then asked if that was okay.  When I said “oh yeah…” it was on.  M continued to feel me up for the rest of the week every chance he could get.  I not only allowed it but encouraged him by walking up to him and turning my derrière towards his hands.

Not only did he continue to touch my ass, he also figured why not get a touch of my breasts.  That same week he walked up behind me for his ass grab but while his hand was busy getting a touch, his other hand went to my shoulder.  His hand snaked down my front until he was fully cupping my very aroused titty.  by the end of the week his hand had slipped into the bra and I must say, if there was an art to nipple stimulation then he went to college and graduated nipple arousal 101.

He was so good at playing with my nipples he actually gave me an orgasm with nipple stimulation while his cock was in my a few weeks after his first fondle.

My husband was eating up everything that happened.  Just about every night I was getting sexually satisfied as I told him what happened and how I wanted M to keep touching me.

The blowjobs started out easily enough.  Over the first weekend, hubs and I talked about it and he suggested that I tell my co-worker that I “need” to get something out of the car.  It was dark when we worked so nobody would see and if we were bold enough we would both get what we wanted.

The Monday came and I walked up to my co-worker and asked him to help me with something in my car as planned.  When we got there, I opened the back seat door and leaned inside for nothing.  Seeing his chance, he grabbed my ass and got the best feel.  I moaned and told him that it felt good before turning and grabbing his cock right through his pants.  He asked if I wanted to get inside and of course I did.

Only a few minutes later, my mouth was full of his hot creamy jizz with my eyes rolling into the back of my head.  I swallowed every drop he shot into my mouth and let me tell you it was substantial.  A few minutes later we were back inside, doing our jobs as if it never happened.

I didn’t believe what I had done! I had just helped a married man cheat on his wife and I loved it.

This was something I never saw happening but it did.  Yes, I was the seducer and my husband was the instigator but M could have said no.

For the next 4 days I proceeded to suck him off six times! That’s right.  In the back of the vehicle I took a married man’s cock into my mouth six times and swallowed his married cum all six times.  His potential children right down the gullet.  I was hooked and couldn’t stop.  We did it in the morning while it was still dark.  Right after work we were at it again in the same parking lot where anybody could have walked by.

Around a month later we had become smarter.  After work we drove across the street so I could do my thing out of site of our workplace. I had sucked him I think around twenty times.  I had become a cum whore before my eyes and I couldn’t figure out how or why.  My husband was reaping the rewards also.

I was constantly turned on.   When my mouth was still fresh with another man’s cum,  I would come home and ravish my husband.  He was still encouraging me every step of the way.

Then IT happened, yes you know what.  We were in our secluded spot across the street while his cock was in my throat when he asked if I wanted more.  A minute later he was laying back watching as I mounted his cock, not stopping until he was balls deep inside my pussy. While I rode my new married, cheating boy toy, it was understood that under no circumstances was I going to let him up until he painted the inside of my pussy with his married cum.

I rode his cock for only about 5 minutes before he couldn’t handle it anymore.  Who can blame him for having such a short fuse.  His cock belonged to another woman and here he was, buried inside of another married woman that wasn’t his own.  He groaned out his orgasm which only made me cum harder.  While he pumped me full, I could feel his cock surging inside of me filling me full of his potent seed.

While driving home all I could think of was “I did it.”  I fucked a married man in the back seat of my car.   I was taking a married man’s cum home that was still deep inside of me.  As I rode him, my panties had been pulled to the side for quick entry.  After he shot inside of me I just pulled my panties back into place so the cum never had a chance to leak out as of yet.

That was it, I was officially having an affair with a married man.  I helped him cheat on his loving wife that he still loved thank goodness.  I know that the concept will be alien to some but yes a man or woman can have an affair and still love their spouse.  I wasn’t going to do anything to screw up my marriage and he knew that, so I think he felt safe with me.

Maybe I am giving him what he doesn’t get at home, I haven’t asked.  I love to swallow cum.  My husband loves to hear about my escapades and I am helping to get off a married man so he doesn’t get with a woman who might want him emotionally instead of just sexually.  I know, reaching.

That was two years ago and I have no intention on stopping.  As long as he wants me to swallow his cum, I’m willing to do it for him.  I can’t count how many times we have hooked up at work and across the street.  My husbands likes to count my sexual encounters and says I have taken over 70 cum loads into my belly.  We have only fucked a few times since I think my mouth is what he craves.  He obviously gets pussy from his wife and uses me for what he doesn’t get which is fine with me.

I feel bad about him cheating on his wife.  Do I feel like a heel for doing it?  Yes.  Do I feel like I have betrayed another man’s wife?  Of course. Worse of all is that we know each other.  My husband and I have visited them at their home and gone to lunch together for goodness sakes.

There is one thing I know I cannot do and that is stop.  I don’t know why.  There is something about being desired by another man especially when he is married.  It’s not even that I can’t stop, it’s that I don’t want to.  Extramarital sex is a drug and the addiction is real.  I can finally understand how people have affairs and can’t seem to stop going back for more, even after they have sworn the other person off to save their own relationship.  The feeling really is intense.

So am I slut or a whore?  Slut definitely, a whore?  Call me what you want.  Do I care?  No I don’t. What’s weird is that we have never kissed.  We don’t talk intimately and still have no emotional ties with each other.  He has never told me anything about his marriage or his wife and I have never asked.

There were a few months when M and his wife were trying to have another baby.  I layed off trying to get him in my belly so his seed can get inside of the proper place which was within his wife’s overy’s. We were only able to abstain from our oral fun for two weeks.  After that I was back to swallowing his potential children.

I guess we should have also abstained from meeting almost daily just so I could get my ass grabbing and nipple stimulation.  M tried staying true to his wife several times but he would always cave in to my oral talents.

So as long as we are still “friends” with benefits only, we will be just fine.  I would love to find out if his wife likes to taste the fairer sex.  I would love that;)

Kisses, Kara