Back Seat Rendezvous

The other night hubby and I went to a sports bar to meet a guy we kinda chatted with online.  The online was through a swingers site so we knew what we here meeting for.

When we arrived, we chatted with the guy for a good long time which was about 45 minutes.  Nothing was really going anywhere and I figured that we would end up going our separate ways and hubby & I would go home to satisfy ourselves.

He was a really great guy but I just wasn’t feeling it.  Well, my husband wasn’t having any of that.  We were saying our goodbyes when hubby asked him to walk me to my car while he used the restroom.  It’s his little thing he does to try to jumpstart me with a lover.  Crude but effective.  LOL.  He takes his time and allows the other guy to be alone with me.

Hubby was taking a long time coming out so S took my hand and asked where my car was.  We parked a ways away (another hubby thing;)) While walking he put his arms around me and I started getting a tingling feeling between my legs.  Man my husband is good.  When we reached the car I looked around and still didn’t see my husband so we kept talking.  Hubby told me later,  when he came out of the restaurant, he didn’t see me until he looked at the car. There he saw two people in a lovers embrace locked at the lips.

I guess we were making out so hard, that if I was lucid, I would have been totally embarrassed.  It was a good thing we parked in the back area or we may have been arrested for public indecency.

I didn’t know what had happened exactly except that S asked if he could give me a good night kiss.  What a kiss that turned out to be!  My body went from zero to 60 in a single heartbeat.

Hubby told me, when he saw my hand caressing his cock through his pants and S had his hand fully on my ass, he had better say something.  All I heard was, “you two may want to get in the car if you want to continue.”  I didn’t come down from my sexual haze a bit.  I just got into the back seat and we started making out harder.   Our hands were all over each other.  Not long afterwards, my shirt was open and the clasp of my bra came free.  His lips were sucking my breasts and licking my nipples and I didn’t even know where I was.

Hubby was outside walking around (laughing at me) watching so that we didn’t get caught.  We were parked at the end of the parking lot facing a main street but were off enough that nobody could see.  It was also dark enough thank goodness.

Later, hubs told me that the next thing he saw after walking around for a few minutes and coming back to the car was that my head had disappeared  and that we were not making out anymore.  He came closer to the back seat and saw that my face was in his lap and was now cock deep in my throat.

Well this goodnight was turning out to be something more for sure.  I was in a fog that I didn’t know could fall into.  Having public sex was something that was a big no no for me and hubby was thoroughly enjoying watching it happen.

I guess while S and I were going at it another guy left in his truck only two vehicles away.  Hubs doesn’t now if we were seen or not.  S got his hand in my pants and soon had my pants on the floor of the car with one leg out.

Next thing hubby saw was a lot of movement.  He approached the car and saw me sitting on S’s lap.  He didn’t realize yet that I had taken his cock and slid him inside of my unprotected pussy and was fucking myself with his bare cock.  S then took the initiative and got me on my hands and knees.  He fucked me from behind until I yelled for him to fill me full of his cum.

I don’t know what came over me!  S told me that he thought the good night kiss was going to be just that, a goodnight kiss.  We were both glad that more happened.

When it was all over, I had a belly full of yet another man’s sperm and my pussy was overflowing with the same man’s cum.  As I was driven home in silence, I’m sure hubby smiled the whole way back.