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Blackmailed into Lust


What would you do if you found out that the hot, married woman you had the hots for at work, was making porn on the side?  If you were her boss with the power to manipulate her whereabouts, would you take advantage of her desire to remain anonymous?  Would you hatch a plan to fuck her?

Cum Swallowing Compilation


I used to hate the idea of cum in my mouth.  Things happened and now I can’t get enough of a man’s thick, creamy sperm shooting into my mouth.  The feel of the hot cream is overwhelming as I swallow it down my throat and runs into my stomach.

My First Happy Ending


I can’t tell you how excited I was to get a massage in a hotel from a man I had never met.  I told my husband that I had a fantasy of a man taking advantage of my body while massaging me to the point of me not being able to stop him because of my sexual excitement.


Teaching a Cock Tease a Lesson


Do you have a fantasy about fucking that cock teasing school girl?  Let me be that fantasy and watch as the school headmaster visits me. He takes this little, cock teasing, slut student in several positions. He fucks me bareback, making sure I take all his DNA into my petite body.

Happy BBC Birthday to Me


My husband set me up and I’m not complaining one little bit!  He told me he was taking me out to eat for my birthday.  When we stopped at an apartment complex, I knew that more than dinner was planned.

When we got to the apartment, he blindfolded me and then knocked on the door.  When it was opened, nobody said a thing. All I know, I was being led into a room.

Suddenly, there were hands all over my body caressing me and molesting every inch of me.

There was no foreplay,  just men devouring my pussy, ass and tits from the start.  I was teamed up on and given, who knows how many, orgasms!  I loved every thrust into my unprotected pussy and my mouth.

They gave me their cum and hubby ushered me out the door. Then we were on our way to dinner.

So glad we stopped for dessert first!